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May 8, 2013
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"A rematch...whatever." Ana said, spitting at her uncle's feet. Her attention went back to the heavy bag that hung infront of her.

"Now now pup, you know this is all for a reason. These fights with heavier opponents is...a way for you practice against hard hitting opponents." Uncle Wolf sighed, leaning against the adjacent wall.

"I'm sorry Uncle, it's just that getting my face smashed in isn't exactly helping me. I need more power, and quite frankly, this is just a waste of time." She leered at him before sending a hard hook into the bag, shaking it."

"Ah! But here's the thing! After your fight with Neggy, how many times did you get hit by your last opponent? What was her name...'Minka'?" He asked with a raised brow.

"She wasn't has fast as Neggy either, but I see what you're trying to prove." Ana retorted. Slamming a hard left into the bag. Her last fight with Minka however didn't end to well, as her punches were soaked up by the meatier set of the boxing maiden. Though Minka's body was in no shape or form chubby or fat, the amount of muscle accompanied by her height, made her a moving wall. To Minka, Ana's punches were more or less, mosquito bites.

"This might make you smile. Your defense has come a long way since you began your training for your license." Her uncle smiled, rubbing Ana's shoulders. He knew many of the boxing prodigies' weakness, including her wanting for praise. Nothing reddened those cheeks quite like a nice pat on the butt.

"D-don't try to sugar me up...I still can't chew without tasting iron." She clumsily snapped at her coach.

The door opened and in walked in non other then Minka herself. She sported a tee shirt that hugged her cleavage, and jeans that were snug around her wider hips. Behind her, a black haired man who must have been her second. He had pinched the tall woman's behind, which started an adorable little squabble between the two. Uncle Wolf laughed and walked over to the two, welcoming them to the "Midwest Pugilist Club" which was just the name of the club he created in order to get Ana her own personal training area at the local gym.

"The directions were a bit confusing, but we managed to get here! Japan is a looong way from Indiana." Minka said sweetly to Uncle Wolf, embracing him in a one armed hug. She was even taller than the 5'11 man, which was slightly humorous to him in his own mind. He looked over his shoulder at Ana, thinking on how the last two girls were giants most likely in her eyes.

"It's no problem, Anamoha has been squirrely since you laid her out last time." He teased, closing his eyes to time the incoming temper tantrum.



Ana stepped into another low straight, which shook the bag and sent it flying towards the wall.


Minka clapped, giving her second her bag which was hanging from a shoulder.

"Her form looks really good! And she seems stronger too! Has she been lifting weights?" Minka inquired.

"You've got a good eye. Her lower body has been worked tremendously, and her dashing speed and power has increased from doing so. I couldn't quite understand why she was doing virtually zero damage to you after your last bout, but then I saw it. Your butt...." Uncle steered off, placing his hands on his hips and looking off.

"Wh-what...?" Minka blushed abit, and her second clenched his teeth and fists.

"Your butt was alot firmer compared to Ana's. Meaning your lower body must get worked all the time." Uncle Wolf concluded. His long ponytail flapped after him as he walked over to Ana, who was panting hard from her showing of power. He kneeled down behind her and yanked her sweat pants off, revealing much more muscular thighs. Her behind was less chubbier even, leaner with a much healthier lift.

"Wh-what the hell?!" Ana blushed, turning around to clumsily lift her sweats.

"Calm down, I was merely showing off the fruits of your labor. Go get changed." He ordered.

The rookie was past flustered, and quickly trotted off to the changing room. Her Uncle had a very serious face, until she left hearing distance. He broke out into a fit of laughter, looking over the dumbfounded duo a few feet apart.

"I tell you, if she was anymore of a stick in the mud, she'd be down right dull. She's been this way since she began fighting, taking everything to the extreme. I guess it's why she was so feared in the underground circuits eh?" He rubbed the back of his head and huffed with a lazy smile.

"She seems like she works very hard. Her punches weren't all that bad either." Minka complemented.

"Yes well, you're a very good boxer yourself. For a beginner correct?"

"Mmm. My boyfriend Juan teaches me more and more everyday. Boxing against another beginner was his idea." She gestured towards the quite second whose identity was finally revealed.

"Juan huh? You're doing a terrific job. But please, refrain from calling Ana a beginner." He said with all seriousness.

"Huh?" Minka gasped with an adorable voice.

"She's not a beginner?" Juan asked as well.

"Far from it. Why do you suppose she's considered a contender for her weight division already?" He asked, looking at them look at one another.

"She's a genius, exploiting the weaknesses of her opponents with ease. In her fight with Neggy, before I had time to tell her how to effectively hurt her, she had already focused on her body. With you, she was quite a hard target to hit correct?"

Minka crossed her arms and nodded, looking over at Juan for support.

"Ana does have some frightening abilities. I've never seen a Middleweight, a Super middleweight like that possess such a destructive jab. I thought Minka was in trouble at multiple points in the fight." He confessed.

"Ana's biggest weakness was her lack of hitting power. But after these latest losses, she's increased her power bit by bit, hurting me even when we spar." He continued, pocketing his hands.

"You seem to know alot about her capabilities. Do you know Ana outside of boxing?" Minka asked.

Uncle Wolf only smiled, before motioning Minka to walk in. Ana had walked out herself, and her shoulder length silver hair flowed behind the girl as she made her way into the ring. Her footsteps indeed sounded heavier, and she was already starting to glisten with sweat.

"You can change now. I didn't want you to change with Ana...she has...confidence issues." He said, looking at Juan. He gave the man a thumbs up, which Juan blushed and scratched the back of his head. The whole statement went over Minka's innocent head, and she merely walked off.
Uncle Wolf stood in between Ana, whose hair now was tied up, leaving her two long bangs on her side of her face to drape over her bare chest, and Minka, whose chest nearly doubled in size compared to Ana.

"Alright, seeing as the first match was topless much to the male onlookers delight, it should remain topless. Breast punches are allowed, and this fight will be four, two minute rounds. Now, I want a clean fight.

"Good luck! Let's do our best mmk?" Minka smiled, tilting her head.

Ana just sucked her teeth and looked away, irritated. The two bumped gloves, and at Minka's surprised, Ana's bump was much more heavier than before.

"Ring the bell Juan once you're ready." Uncle Wolf commanded.



Minka put on a determined smile, sticking her gloves up infront of her. Ana's guard was much more loose, her right fist up as an earmuff, while the other laid below her perky breasts. Ana leapt forward, sliding so her left side was facing Minka, and flicked out a pawing jab that hit Minka's guard.


The punch shoved Minka's upperbody back abit, bouncing her large breasts and flicking sweat off of them. Minka reared back to throw a mighty hook at Ana's body, but when she swung, only air was left in Ana's wake. Minka turned her head in time to see a white glove racing towards her ribs, and she let out a small gasp as it sunk into her right side.


Ana's face remained stoned, as she stepped back, returning to her stance.

Minka closed an eye, ignoring the pain for a second and regaining her breath once more. She turned to face Ana fully, and stepped back slightly at the pure malice that reflected from the amber eyes of the native.

"I will..." Ana said with an angry voice, her eyelids lowering, "Break you in half."

Her uncle smirked, tapping his finger on his arm.

"That's it...tap into the rage...the darkness in your heart...only then will you surpass your mother. This wall before you, show me that you have the strength to break it. If you can't, you'll never reach Tepkunset." He thought.

"Stay focused baby! Stay focused!" Juan called out, snapping Minka out of the small trance she had zoned out into.

Ana stepped side to side, her eyes searching Minka up and down, before finally her eyes set on the girl's stomach.

The busty maid watched her eyes, and when Ana stepped in, lowered her guard.

"Yes! I think I--"


Ana had lifted up after a low feint, and landed a critical left cross to Minka's lower jaw, sending her stumbling backwards into the ropes.

Anamoha smelled blood, and chased after the girl, who at the moment was regaining her motor skills.

"Unh...?" Minka's small pink tongue hung from her mouth as her arms wrapped over the ropes, "Why...she...hit...hard?" She mumbled out. Her body suddenly lurched forward, and her cheeks puffed as a white glove sunk into the soft skin of her belly. Ana threw powerful straights into the belly button, hooks at her side, and a hard uppercut into the solar plexus, earning wet "Oofs!" and "Uffs!" from her trapped opponent. Spit flew from Minka's mouth, and the sweat that splattered on the mat after each successful blow, dampened the floor more and more. Juan held his head as he watched his lover's midsection pummeled mercilessly by Ana, and after fifteen seconds of nonstop battering, Ana let her fist sink into Minka's gut once more, and kept it there as air freely flowed out of Minka's lips, her lung's precious air expelled from her sweet lips.

Ana stepped back and pounded her gloves together, watching Minka bravely stand back up and pant with her tongue out of her mouth. Drool dripped down from the corner of her mouth, and her eyelids were low, most likely from the pounding. Her eyes widened as Minka stuck her gloves back up, and even after the stomach punishment, she stood standing without a bit of shaking.

"That's my girl!" Juan cheered, his fellow onlooker not sharing the excitement.

"To be able to stand with such adamant legs...Minka...what a scary boxer. She's a bit older, but as a newcomer, she still has a chance to have some explosive years..." Uncle Wolf analyzed.


"There it is! Minka's belly shot! Looks like this match is gonna be based on who can survive the most belly punishment!" Juan exclaimed.

Ana was indeed doubled over Minka's large fist, and over and over Ana was lifted up into the air slightly, knees buckled in and pained exhales of air escaped her mouth.


Minka continued slamming home punches, until a final uppercut to the body pushed Ana back.

"If this is like the last fight..." Juan began, watching a spray of saliva shoot from Ana's mouth, "Then Ana's gonna have to work hard to defend her body."

Uncle Wolf smirked, and looked over at his fellow commentator. "Oh is that so?" his gaze said.

Juan studied his face, and his eyes widened, turning his head in time to see...


Ana's fist was high in the air, along with Minka's chin. Spit rained down from the air, and Minka slumped against the ropes once more.

"What's this...?" Juan asked, as in horror he watched Ana explode towards the prone girl.

"This is the fruit of her training along with her last losses to your lover and her rival Neggy." Uncle Wolf answered.

Ana stayed low, and began bobbing and weaving furiously in a figure eight motion.

"Oh. She's using that move." He said in slight surprise.

"WHAT MOVE!?" Juan asked fearfully.

"1920, Jack Dempsey, a champion boxer created a powerful punch that used the power generated by the lower body. It was used to provide defense as well as a powerful offensive strike. Highly destructive." The uncle went on.

Ana growled and swung her fist, aimed at Minka's bruised up body. Her punch making a sound that sounded like a mix of a forceful storm wind, and a baseball bat in motion. It soared towards Minka's milk skinned belly, and just as it arrived...


The maid boxer looked fearfully, shaking slightly at the sight of her sore tummy's imminent destruction's savior. The bell.

Ana stood straight up, smacking her wet gloves together and glaring at Minka.

"That blow...would have indeed broken you." Anamoha stated, before turning and giving the maid a glimpse of her jiggling butt. She looked over her shoulder and scoffed, an annoyed expression on her face.

Outside the room leading to the empty boxing ring, a tall dark skinned girl with a split hair color stood with a one strap backpack splitting her large c cups. "Well, looks like the pup is in here after all. Let's see if I can help my little pup out huh?" She smiled slightly.

To be continued...

The rematch between the heavyweight maiden and the super middleweight rookie star begins! Has Anamoha learned anything from her past losses?

Minka, Juan belongs to (c) :iconsmoshfan:

Anamoha, Uncle wolf belongs to (c) me

Negink belongs to (c) :iconmastersaruwatari:
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I'm loving this! =D
DepressedRabbit May 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Wonderful! I'll continue working on it.
MasterSaruwatari May 8, 2013  Student Writer
This was a strong start and I like the reference to Jack Dempsey.
DepressedRabbit May 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank ya.
MasterSaruwatari May 8, 2013  Student Writer
no problem.
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